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Starter Kit Senior - Basic Flex

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Starter Kit Senior - Basic Flex

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Riddell Speed Icon

The Riddell Speed Icon is a very popular helmet that is often seen on the best athletes. The Speed Icon has Overliner/Flexliner technology which the cheaper Riddell helmets have not. Flexliner are designed for many different types of head shapes, for better stability and comfort. Overliner is a removable, moisture-resistant liner cover with antimicrobial properties built to protect the product as well as providing comfort and stability.


Important: Please note that Facemasks are not included with the purchase of helmets, but a chin strap is included.


After you have bought your new helmet you will have to use a Riddell helmet pump to pump the inflation bulb. You can buy a Riddell helmet pump with Glycerin in our webshop or maybe you can borrow one from your team.

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