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Riddell Power SPX QB/WR X

Quarterback, Wide Receiver
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Riddell Power SPX QB/WR X
Riddell Power SPX QB/WR X

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Designed for quarterbacks and wide receivers. Provides plenty of space to move the helmet from side to side and allows superb arm movement. Riddell's best shoulderpad after the SPK series.




- Flat Pad design
Fits tight to the shoulder giving you more room to turn your head/helmet.

- AIR Management
Giving you extra good shock absorption.

- STAC System 
Provides unique shock arbsorption in specific areas.

- BIOTHANE® Belts 
Makes sure the shoulderpad will hold it's shape and eliminates shocks from opponents.

- Velvet Collar 
Gives you a comfy collar to wear.

- SWIVEL Fronts 
Used in place of traditional lace fronts. SWIVEL Fronts is coated with BIOTHANE® and attached to the front of the shoulderpads to keep the shoulderpads together while each side of the shoulderpad can move independently of each other.


Riddell Shoulderpads Size guide

Get help to your Shoulderpad

Press play on the video to get instructions on meassurement and fitting.


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